Group 1: Dark Summer

Preliminary Group 2C: Pens

Sunday, September 20, 2009

BLK Homework Evaluation

*This is a high angle MS of a white teenage male.
* He is wearing a grey hoody-the hood nearly covering his eyes so it casts shadows across his face, signifying that he may have things to hide.
*He sits against a brick wall in the dark with a spotlight shining on him which creates an interrogation-style effect.
*As one eye is covered a sense of mystery is connoted, as well as darkness which could represent that the character is evil.
*The actor is giving direct address to the camera, which seems chilling and gives a sense of horror.
* The photo is in colour, but the actor is wearing dark clothing which makes him seem evil, as he is central in the photo and we are drawn to the darkness.
*We had to turn off the lights in the hallway so that there was darkness surrounding the actor and the only light came from the police, as if to signify that the character is bad and the police interrogating are good, which plays upon opposites which are a common feature in horror films.
*Furthermore, the actor looks like a 'deer in the headlights', which is great we achieved a feeling that he was not expecting to be caught.

*The shot was acheived using a teenage male sitting against a wall, with someone holding a pag light (without filters) in front of the male.
*I also put dark makeup underneath the teenager's eyes so that he looked more devious.

*I think that the strongest point about the picture is the way the lighting is used. The spotlight accentuates the darkness of the character, but also the darkness beyond in the corners, which makes the wall look slightly concave and distorted.

*Even though the picture is good, it could be improved. For example, it is not very clear that it is supposed to be a torchlight/spotlight intereogation effect, so if I could retake the shot I would go in closer with the pag light so that the light is more defined against the dark wall.
*Also, the carpet does not really tie in with the mood that is wanted. The background is supposed to seem rugged and rough and outside, with the brick walls, but as there is carpet, it is obviously inside and connotes softness, which is the opposite to what we wanted to achieve.