Group 1: Dark Summer

Preliminary Group 2C: Pens

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Final Idea For Group Project

  • Zoe is babysitting in house, on the phone to parents telling them that their child is in bed
  • She goes to the fridge to get a drink
  • There is a man at the window - the audience sees but teen doesn't, as her back is turned.

  • She hears a scream and banging coming from the bedroom. This startles her and she drops the cup, the drink spilling on the floror

  • Zoeruns into the child's room to see if she is safe but Summer has gone.

  • She is looking for Summer and runs into different rooms then upstairs but realising she is not in the house, Zoe slumps on the stairs.

  • The phone rings, we assume it is the person who has kidnapped Summer.
◦Enigma created- questions asked. Where is the child? Who was the man? Did he kidnap the her?