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Monday, May 24, 2010

Note to the Moderator

Dear Moderator,

Thanks for taking the time to look around my blogs. It's been a long process, but hopefully it's been worth it! My group blog is linked to my individual blog. The link to the group blog is on the left hand side, along with the other guys in my group (Winnie, Michael and Jess.) Other links you can find there are for our teacher's central blog which is BLK Blog, which has links to all the other student and group blogs.

On my individual blog you can find all of my individual research, initial ideas and planning which was mainly done in the beginning of the project, before I started with my group. There is also work from the preliminary task, which includes the video clip, reflections on the project and answers to the evaluation questions.

I have also linked my finished film opening sequence at the top of my individual blog and the group one.

I hope you can get around the blogs easily and enjoy looking at all our work. I've organised all my work chronilogiaclly on my blog and we did the same on the group blog. I have used labels to identify my Research, Planning, Production and Evaluation that I have completed on my individual blog. We have done the same on our group blog and also labelled the posts we were individually responsible for, so for example posts that I have done say 'Published by Anisah.'

Thanks, again for looking at my blog

Anisah Audu
Candidate Number 4055