Group 1: Dark Summer

Preliminary Group 2C: Pens

Monday, March 29, 2010

Question 2: How does your media product represent particular social groups?

The social groups that Dark Summer mainly appeals to are AGE and GENDER.

Zoe is the main character and has the most screen time, so she would be the face of the film. By choosing an attractive female actress, we not only appeal to the female audience, but also the males who may find her aesthetically pleasing. Jennifer's Body (Cody, 2009) starred Megan Fox as the lead character, who's sex appeal meant that males were more likely to watch the film. Our actress, Melis Celik, does not act as sexy as Fox and her vulnerability and nice attitude means that she can appeal to both sexes.

In Dark Summer, Zoe who is 18 is a chatty character, with a Blackberry, nice clothing which would signify she is a popular sort of person. She gives the impression of a typical teenager who would go out with friends, have a part time job (babysitting) and possibly a boyfriend.

Women Stereotype
Zoe is the modern day woman. As she is 18, we expect her to be a student, studying in college or university. The fact that she has a job and is left to look after a child shows that she is responsible and independent. Unlike British films like Shank (Ali, 2010) which depict teenagers as loud, aggressive criminals, Zoe embodies the hard working, normal youths of London.